Heavy Load Transport


We offer you a full-range of moving solutions that match your needs, budget, and schedule. A quality service from start to finish is always our priority.


Wide load escorting

Our qualified load pilots are trained to manoeuvre wide loads throughout the journey, no matter the distance. We can accommodate anything up to 8 meters wide and 28 meters long. Our expert escort drivers see to it that we deliver your property safely, legally, and on time.


Moving Homes

Transporting modular homes requires precision and logical planning. There’s the challenge of passing through narrow roads, main highways, and height-restricted routes.

Don’t risk the transport of your modular home to chance. With Claridge House Removals, your peace of mind is everything. Your home will be handled with the utmost care, allowing it to reach its destination in the condition it started the journey in.


Transporting School Buildings

Claridge House Removals is also engaged in the transport of educational buildings. We have worked extensively with the department of education to enable them to lift and move temporary units.


Cabins and Emergency Accommodation

If you’re moving a cabin or smaller swelling to a new location, choose Claridge House Removals to assist you with the task. We’re only ever a phone-call away.

We also specialise in providing safe and durable emergency accommodation to those who find themselves homeless due to natural disasters and other emergencies.