Claridge House Removals


We don’t underestimate the stress that can come with a house move gone wrong. That’s why Claridge House Removals is here to assist you and make your move as efficient as you could possibly imagine.


We are a Family-First Relocation Company

Claridge House Removals is a family-owned business that understands the stress and pressure that comes with moving your home. Our goal is to give you peace of mind when moving any of your property.

We are unique in the way that we interact with, serve, and provide for our clients. Whether you’re moving the family home, or you’re a business who needs a bit of additional help moving some temporary units, we want to simplify the entire process for you.


Trusted for Over 60 Years

Why settle for a removal firm with no proven know-how? Here at Claridge House Removals, we boast over 60 years of quality service in relocating modular homes and school buildings.

If you’re after a stress-free move of your family and the transportation of your modular building, we are more than ready to help you. Our extensive track record and hordes of happy customers are testament to what we can do.


We do Interstate Moves

If you need to move a building across state lines, you want to use a company that has the necessary experience in transporting across large distances. We service Victoria, New South Wales, parts of Queensland, and parts of South Australia.

We’ll move your building using the latest equipment and our invaluable knowhow. Claridge House Removals is a house removalist company you can trust